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1 hour  HTML Maintenance included
2 hours  HTML Maintenance
3 hours  HTML Maintenance
4 hours  HTML Maintenance
Basic R 99 p/m R199 p/m R 299 p/m R 399 p/m
50MB web space
1Gig bandwidth
5 Email Accounts
Intermediate R 149 p/m R 249 p/m R 349 p/m R 449 p/m
150MB web space
2.5 Gig bandwidth
10 Email Accounts
Advanced R 199 p/m R 299 p/m R 399 p/m R 499 p/m
450MB web space
5 Gig bandwidth
20 Email Accounts
image 1 HOUR HTML Maintenance
included monthly ! !
This special offer is subjective to a 24 month hosting contract


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